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JoyStiq Mobile Help

AOL Mobile Help The AOLŪ Mobile Web is a wireless web destination that provides access to AOLŪ information and services designed to keep you entertained, informed, and connected while mobile. The service is compatible with a wide variety of wireless devices.

What is this AOL/AIM mobile sign in page? Some AOL or AIM services such as mail require you to sign in with your AOL/AIM Username to use personalized features. If the service you are trying to access has presented you with this Sign In page, you may also have the option to save your login information by checking the "Keep me signed in" box. Remaining signed in allows you to quickly access other personalized properties.
Signing in also allows you to post comments on supported articles. Once you have signed in, the link in the footer will toggle to "Sign Out" which allows you to end your authenticated session or sign in as a different username.

How do I see the full version of the page that I see on my laptop / desktop computer? Where supported, there is a link at the bottom of the web page to "View Desktop". This allows you to see the web page as you would on your home computer. Certain formatting and functional issues may apply as your mobile browser may not fully support this experience. Clicking the "Back to Mobile View" button at the top of the desktop pages will return you to the mobile experience.

Why am I being asked for my location? Sharing your location allows you to access more specific information and features including directions, weather and local news based on your current location. You can use the GPS on your phone or enter your zip code or City and State to manually to gain access to this information. You may update your location at any time by clicking on the location name displayed on the page.

How can I share this content to my social networks? AOL provides a way to post to your Facebook or Twitter accounts where supported by clicking on the small Facebook and Twitter icons on that webpage. These may require you to enter your username and password to access those services.

How can I use gestures on this page? AOL often provides additional content by using the "swipe" gesture on the page. On your touch-enabled phone, simply drag your finger horizontally across the image or section and you will see more content come into view. Arrows on either side of the content allow you to tap left or right for additional content as well.
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